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Update (April 2016)

The Path books are currently out of print. Open Road Media will be bringing them back out in electronic book form soon, and after that, I will hopefully be able to arrange a print version.

The Path books (PATH OF FATE, PATH OF HONOR, PATH OF BLOOD) are traditional epic fantasy. The first focuses on Reisil and how she has to make a choice to do something she absolutely doesn’t want to do, even though everybody else thinks is a great honor. In the second book, she finds out that not everybody is what they seem to be, and that evil can be really seductive. In the third book, she finally comes into herself and must really embrace who she’s become.

Path of Fate

Path of FateThe Path Trilogy, Book One
Roc (November 4, 2003)
ISBN-10: 0451459504
ISBN-13: 978-0451459503


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“Plausible, engrossing characters, a well-designed world, and a well-realized plot distinguish Francis’ debut.”

“This is an entertaining book—at times compelling—from one of fantasy’s promising new voices.”
—David B. Coe, author of BONDS OF VENGEANCE

Reisil, a young healer is forced to make a bitter choice to save her people from the threat of war. As PATH OF FATE begins, a truce has halted the fighting between Reisil’s native land and its neighbor. But traitors on both sides plot to shatter the fragile peace. On the night of the welcome celebration, kidnappers steal the daughter of the foreign ambassador from her bedchamber, leaving behind a trail of blood. To free her friend before she can be used to reignite the war, Reisil must join a band of rescuers she fears to trust. As Reisil journeys into enemy lands, she will be betrayed…Magically soul‑bonded to a goshawk against her will, Reisil struggles to overcome her own fear and hatred.

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Path of Honor

Path of HonorThe Path Trilogy, Book Two
Roc (December 2004)
ISBN-10: 0451459911
ISBN-13: 978-0451459916


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“The tone of PATH OF HONOR is darker than that of its predecessor, for the personal and political problems in it are much harder to fight against. But, well plotted and exhibiting superior characterization, it is definitely a worthy sequel that Path of Fate readers will want to read.”

“World-building is strong and characters are multifaceted – fans will be particularly pleased by Reisil’s slow-building relationship with the commoner Yohuac.”
Romantic Times

“…likeable characters and plenty of action keep things entertaining.”

Two years after Reisil’s arrival, Kodu Riik is decimated by plague and famine. And now a race of sorcerers is trying to take over. Reisil’s power is feared by the nobility, others wish to exploit her, and her fellow ahalad-kaaslane begin to doubt her loyalty, as her healing magic fails to stem the rising plague. But Reisil will discover that although she has lost her power to heal, she now possesses a surging new ability-to destroy.

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Path of Blood

Path of BloodThe Path of Fate Trilogy, Book Three
Roc (May 2, 2006)
ISBN-10: 0451460820
ISBN-13: 978-0451460820


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“Francis is certainly not afraid to tell it how it is, delivery a robust, action-packed story….Whatever she writes next, I will be reading.”

“Part three of a right smart fantasy trilogy….tasty as toasted almonds.”
—Speculative Romance Online

Hailed by her peers as “promising” (David Coe),“talented” (Kristin Britain), and “masterful” (Carol Berg), Diana Pharaoh Francis crafted a unique magical world and one of fantasy’s most intriguing heroines in Path of Fate and Path of Honor. Now Reisil must fulfill her destiny as the fates of two worlds rest in her hands….

Chaos reigns in the realm of Kodu Riik. Plague continues to ravage its populace. Armies of the power-hungry Aare are on the march, slaughtering everything in their path to place a madman on the throne. And the rift between the kingdom and the land of Cemanahuatl yawns ever wider, threatening to consume both beneath waves of uncontrollable magic and destroy every living soul within them.

Only Reisil possesses enough power to breach the spellbound city of Mysane Kosk and seal the fracture. Accompanied by her goshawk, Saljane, and her lover, Yohuac, Reisil must journey across a land besieged by war and fight for a domain torn asunder by sorceries beyond imagining….

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