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Thursday, May 19th, 2011
Preorder Shadow City Now!

The third Horngate book is available for preorder. It’s called Shadow City and of course takes off right after Crimson Wind. Here’s a description:

From the moment she was bound by magic and transformed into a deadly warrior, Max dreamed of escape. Instead she went to war. She saved the coven she was enslaved to defend from unearthly destruction, but only at the cost of her own freedom.

Now Max has been taken captive and forced to become the champion of a demi-god in a deadly game where the losers die, or worse. She must perform three impossible tasks, each one more dangerous than the last. Alone and unarmed in a strange magical city, Max will battle creatures she’s never even heard of. If she loses, she dies. If she wins, she might just get a chance to go home to her friends, her family, and to Alexander, the sexy Shadowblade warrior whose fate is entwined with hers.

But Horngate’s own future is far from certain. The covenstead is threatened by a Fury—a creature that, once it escapes its fragile bonds, will wreak untold destruction. Will Alexander and the other Shadowblades be able to protect Horngate without Max? Or will Max discover that she doesn’t have a home to return to?

This is an awesome book and I think you’re going to love how it plays out. Here’s the shadow city Amazon link, but go ask your bookstore or order from anywhere you like. Spread the word!

Thursday, May 19th, 2011
Discovery and Change

I’m blogging over at Maria Lima’s blog today. Come have a read and maybe win a free book!

I’m talking about Discovery and Change and fears and joys of writing. Here’s the beginning. Head over there to read more:

I’ve been thinking a lot about discovery lately and one of the things that’s really hit home is that while the word carries this wonderful connotation of fresh encounters, wonder, joy and excitement, it also can have negative connotations–fear and worry primary among them.