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Friday, May 31st, 2013
Learning curve

Apparently if you spend a day digging and shaking out dirt and crystals, you will be sore. Back, arms, legs . . . sore. Who knew?

Thursday, May 30th, 2013
Crystal digging

The man and I took a packing break today and went digging for crystals at Crystal Park. It was not crowded. I’m guessing that might have had something to do with the fact that it was snowing when we got there. It was very wet digging, which made figuring out if we were finding crystals or pebbles rather difficult. We did find a bunch, though. And so that was very nice. We came home cold, though. Go figure. It was fun. It was nice to spend time by ourselves.

The house is an absolute mess. Bwahahahaha!  After 2 years of keeping it clean, it’s a mess! Okay, a packing mess, but still.

I’m in quest of odd phrases today. I don’t know why. Just because. I remember hearing “turned up missing” a lot in the midwest. How is it possible to turn up missing? It seems to me, either one turns up or one is missing, but not both.

Having cake and eating it, too, always confused me, until Laura Anne Gilman explained that the eating came first, so therefore you can’t have cake after you’ve eaten it.

Got more?

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013
See the duck’s feet paddle faster and faster

I’ve been packing. Trying to get a load together for the man to take out with him this weekend. And also to get a bunch more ready for when he comes back. What’s nice is all that decluttering we did for selling means that there’s less to pack than you might think. But there is still a bunch, don’t get me wrong. Downstairs walls are pretty blank. Dogs are freaking out a little bit. Poor guys. But they are happy to have the man home, as are the kidlets.

I’m trying to figure out the plans I need to make. I need to find organization. Is there a store that carries it?

Monday, May 27th, 2013

This last weekend was Miscon. It was spectacular. I love this con. It’s growing by leaps and bounds. It’s incredibly well-run, super friendly, and in a lovely setting. I had a blast. The panels were immensely well attended. At least 50-70 people each time. Course it didn’t hurt that panelists included Carol Berg, Patty Briggs, Jim Butcher, and JA Pitts, among others. The panels were tons of fun to do. I also did a reading from both WIPs, and got a fabulous response. Which is to say, people wanted more and enjoyed them. This was so good.

I can’t begin to tell you all the people I got to see and hand out with, both fans and not. I laughed a lot this weekend and enjoyed such great company. I must make a reservation for my hotel for next year.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. I certainly did though I am completely and totally exhausted. Oh, and I got carded going to the room parties. Seriously. Me. Forty five years old. Carded.

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

It can be told: we have a deal on the house. Papers are signed. Now to just get through the process.

Now to help the kids deal with leaving friends.

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013
Iron Man 3

Finally saw Iron Man 3 with the kids today. It was fun. Really liked Guy Pearce and it was fun how Tony Stark was hardly ever in his suit. I loved how Pepper became more of a character and tough to boot,  and I wish I understood the Extremis (is that what’s it’s called?) drug more. I liked Tony’s anxiety attacks–made him more real. I hope there will be a next one. I would like to see Tony grow some more and see what happens with Pepper.

I have other potential good news, but won’t jinx it by talking about it too early. Hopefully soon.

It is now raining. Pouring. Not usual for us, but it’s great for us. We need the moisture a lot.

I haven’t been eating very well lately. Not enough veggies. Got to try to change that. Not enough tea either. Gotta mend that. Course I did manage not to eat buttered popcorn and drink diet coke at the theater. That’s got to be a plus, right?

Monday, May 20th, 2013
A bad bad day

All my hopes and prayers going out to the people in Moore, OK, especially the children in the school. Please please please let them be all right.

Sunday, May 19th, 2013

Because it’s cold and I refuse to turn the heater on in May, May 19th for criminy’s sake, I started a fire in the woodstove.

Because I haven’t actually left town in seven weeks, and I haven’t seen a good friend in I don’t know how long, I went to Butte today and ran some errands and had lunch with said friend.

Because the dogs are dropping hair like a billion dandelions, I vacuumed the house after the kids went to bed. Well, the lower half. Tomorrow will be the upper half.

Because I forgot to run the dishes and the sink is overflowing, I not only ran the dishwasher, but did a slew of handwashing.

Because it rained for the last three days, I haven’t planted the flowers I bought yet. But things are getting green.

Because I went to Butte today, I saw 5 golden eagles. Huge freaking birds and so lovely.

Because I went to Butte with my son, he talked nonstop for about 2 hours before he got tired. I mean nonstop. NON. STOP.

Because I went into Walmart for some protein powder (which I did not find–why do they put so much crap in it? going to the Health Food Store tomorrow. It wasn’t open today) my son forced me to watch a knife demonstration in order to get a free paring knife.

Because I watched said knife demonstration, I bought knives. I’m a sucker.

What did you do this weekend?

Friday, May 17th, 2013

It rained today. Still is raining. Well, it did stop for about an hour, but mostly it’s been raining all day. Girlie had to play soccer in it and frankly it was cold. In the 40s. But we really need the moisture. We’re in a drought and this will help all the fields and the feed for animals. Not to mention we’ve already had fires here. Didn’t do my walking though. Slugged out. More soccer tomorrow and possibly Iron Man 3.

Working on something that isn’t coming together very well. It’s very shiny though. So I keep stirring it to see what will turn up. Trouble is, I have to break outside my own expectations for a particular place. Normal behavior in this place doesn’t apply, nor do typical motivations, or typical laws. It’s upside down in a lot of ways, for a good reason, but I keep falling into traditional mental patterns and I have to get out of that. If only it were that easy.

All the purple has vanished from my hair and I need to put it in again. I’ll try to work on it this weekend.

Doing some research for my current WIP. Not sure if I’m getting anywhere. I’d like to go visit the location.

Thursday, May 16th, 2013
I swear I did do something today

I’m just not sure what it was that I did do. I did a lot of tinkering on the website, with some help from my web editor who did a tune up on some things, bless her. Makes it significantly easier to do some things. I now have an appearances and FAQs pages, and I they are updated, something I’ve been meaning to do for awhile. I started combing through pages to get some more things updated, though I’m not done yet. There are some consistency things I need to work on that will take more time. I attended my daughter’s recorder recital and my son’s band concert. He wore green: green shoes, green shorts, green shirt, green glasses. Guess what his favorite color is? It rained today a lot, something we desperately need. Soaked the dogs who did not go into their houses while we were at the concert tonight. So now the house stinks of wet dog fur.

Poked at the manuscript some more. But essentially I did a fair amount of website work, and it really doesn’t look like I did that much. How aggravating.

The lilacs have all popped, as have all the trees in town. Smells so amazing outside.

Just saw the news on Grandbury, TX. Oh, hell. What a terrible disaster. Never again do I want to live in tornado country. Feel like I got out of the midwest by the skin of my teeth when I see stories like this.

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