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Resource Links

These are world building sites where I like to do research, presented eclectically, and in no particular order.

If you happen to notice that any of these links are broken, please let me know and I’ll get them repaired.

Herbs and Medicines

Folk remedies Some of these are hilarious. Try searching baldness or pox.
Stephen Foster herbal and medicinal plant photography
A practical herbal
Herbalism links
Curtis Botanical, an early botanical magazine
Gardening and Herbal Arts, from the SCA
The Wellcome library: history of medicine
Culpeppers Herbal
Anglo Saxon LeechcraftA CNN article about how a recipe from the Anglo Saxon Leechcraft works on the superbug MRSA
Another herbal

Other Cultures

Aztec culture
Nahuatl Culture
Encyclopedia Mythica, of folklore, myth and legend
Internet African History Sourcebook
Internet East Asian Sourcebook
Internet Ancient History Sourcebook
Victorian London Dictionary: includes a lot of information on daily life, government and culture
Regency Era Thieves and Sporting slang: A really good one. The page is for the -a- list, and if you look on the right, there’s a link that will open up the rest of the letters.


Tanning the infirm way: Native American Technology and Art
Making Fire With Flint and Steel
How Stuff Works

Regency England

Regency England
Regency England–index links to many good pages
About carriages Very cool source.
More about carriages.
Driving a carriage
Traveling by Carriage

Victorian England

Victorian Web

Sailing and Ships

Loyds Register of Ships online
Sailing Ship terminology
Historic Ships
Nautical dictionary
Pirate’s glossary of terms
Identifying ships
Sailing knots
Pin rail map
Boating dictionary


Titles of nobility

British titles: an intro to peerage
An explanation of British titles
European titles


The Language Construction Kit: construct your own language
Etymological dictionary
Georgette Heyer Slang and Cant
Regency Slang dictionary
Lexicon of Thieves Cant
Antique words: or words of changed meaning by C.J. Cherryh
A Dictionary of Slang: links to many slangs and other specialized language dictionaries (huge list, a must explore page)
Another list of links for slang dictionaries. Quite different from the above and very worthwhile
1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue

Castles and Medieval Life

Internet Medieval Sourcebook
Castles of Britain learning center
Costume Gallery’s online research gallery
Medieval demographics (a really useful site)
The Food Timeline
Weald and Downland open air museum–offers virtual tours
Life in a medieval castle
Life in Elizabethan England
Renaissance Magazine

Finding Names

Name Sites
Medieval Names: Anglo Saxon, Old English and Anglo-Norman
Medieval Names: names from other countries
Academy library: a source for names from SCA
Behind the Name: etymology and history of first names

Birds and Animals

Birds and Feathers: Native American Technology and Art
The Falconry Centre
Abdereen Bestiary
Deep Sea Bestiary
Horse confirmation and other details about horses

Forensics and Police Procedure

The Writers Medical and Forensics lab Run by Dr. Lyle.
The Graveyard Shift All about police prodedure. Excellent blog.
Police procedure for mystery writing

Medieval sources

Internet Medieval Sourcebook: full and partial texts, background information, religious information. Hosted by Fordham university
A Boke of Gode Cookery: medieval food
Medieval Europe
A Medieval Town dictionary of terms.


Old London Maps
Historic Maps

Fighting and Warfare

Glossary of Fencing terms
Historical Swordfighting terminology
Sword Terminology
The Arador Armour library: Includes a lot of how-to information on making armor
Medieval Warfare
Tour Egypt: the equipment of Pharaoh’s military by Troy Fox. Good pics and info
Historical Weapons


Charlotte Dillon’s resources page. Amazingly extensive covering all sorts of time periods and concepts
History of epidemics and plagues
Mysterious Britain includes stuff on folklore, paranormal, ufos and so forth
How much was that worth in past dollars or pounds? A converter of sorts
Fabrics: what kind and descriptions, plus a whole lot of other glossaries. Well worth perusing.
Movement: A useful site about how far various animals and things can move in an hour or a day. Well worth perusing.
The Bodleian Library of Broadside Ballads includes sound files
Victorian Web
And excellent general history of time periods in Britain and what it was like to live then

Fairies and Mythological Critters

The Secret Commonwealth of Elves, Fauns and Fairies by Robert Kirk and Andrew Lang (1893), full text
Gods and Mythology of ancient Egypt
British Goblins: Welsh Folk-Lore, Fairy Mythology, Legends and Traditions by Wirt Sikes (1880), full text
Godchecker: Gods from all over the world

The following are some useful links to writing, being published,
and the industry, in-genre and ex-genre.

Agents discuss the publishing biz
Bibliomania: full-texts, study guides, more.
Writer’s Weekly
Freelance Writing Jobs listings–multiple links to various websites
Purdue Onlining Writing Lab
Internet resource for writers: Lots and lots of links
For Writers lots of useful information including markets and agents
Funds for Writers
Pike’s Peak Writers conference for commercial fiction writers
The Writer Gazette
The Renegade Writer for freelance writers
Preditors and Editors
Guidelines for building a fantasy world by Patricia Wrede
Writing World
Writer Tara K. Harper’s website, with substantial material on writing, publishing, finding an agent, and so forth.
Ralan’s Webstravaganza: a guidelines site—up to date and complete
Writer Beware
Bartleby’s style corner
Karen Fox’s homepage, with romance links, writing information, and publishing information
Writing Back Cover Copy and blurbs for series

Blogs worth reading

Whatever: John Scalzi’s very cool blog covering politics and writing and everything in between and outside
Novelists Inc. A blog by romance, mysery, f & sf writers and industry experts
Magical Words Several SF and F authors talking about writing and the business of writing
Bookends Literary Agency
Writer Unboxed talks about writing
The Passive Voice: about the writing industry
Kris Rusch often writes about the business of writing