Pardon me–I’m a fangirl. Hear me Squeeee!!!

Have your heard of Ilona Andrews? Have you read Magic Bites and Magic Burns? I not, you need to go get them RIGHT NOW. I don’t mean wait until morning, I mean go find a copy this very moment–beg, borrow or steal it if you have to, but get them, read them, revel in them. And then, in two days, go buy Magic Strikes, the newest in the series. You must. You know how some people stood in line at midnight for Harry Potter and the Twilight books? I’d be in one for the Kate Daniels books by Ilona. I love these books. I know, I’m gushing. But I really really love these books.

Here’s why. First, the worldbuilding is phenomenal. It’s unique Urban Fantasy. That’s one thing. Then there are terrific characters. They’re tough, I care about them–not just Kate, but the other major and minor characters as well. They are real and vibrant. There’s humor and snark, but it’s not for the purpose of humor and snark. It fits the story.

The stories are not just murder mysteries, which is getting to be typical of UF, nor are they about some fairy incursion into the human world. The stories are more complex than that, and more integrated into this unique world. She integrates the folklore of our world into her stories in organic ways. There are shapeshifters and vampires, but not like you’ve met before. These are truly different.

The novels also have rich prose, while at the same time being clean and quick to read. You hit the ground running and you don’t want to put the book down until you’re done, and you’re breathless the entire time. These are gritty and delicious. I’m telling you, I cannot wait to get my hands on a copy of Magic Strikes. Can. Not. Wait.

There aren’t a lot of books out there that make me squee!!! like a fangirl. These do. Seriously. Grab them. Read them. Fast as you can.

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