Crosspointe Chronicles

Before writing The Turning Tide, I had a lot of trouble sorting out Ryland’s, Fairlie’s and Shaye’s voices and who they were. So I conducted interviews with each of them. I knew enough about them to pick questions that would trigger some good information, and tell me about them emotionally. I needed to know them much better than I did. I particularly like the interview with Shaye. He simply would not give things up. But if you’ve read The Turning Tide, I think you’ll really like what’s here. Keep in mind I haven’t edited or corrected or spell checked this. It will have lots of mistakes, but it’s from working notes and that’s what you get. Be warned, it’s a bit long.

Click to read an interview with Ryland, Fairlie and Shaye from The Turning Tide.

Crosspointe World Maps by Cortney Skinner.