Coaching & Editing Services

I have been writing and teaching for over two decades, and if you’re looking for a skilled editorial eye and someone who can help you write the best story you can, we should talk.

I’ve done a lot of editing and I’ve been edited by some of the best editors in the business. It can be painful, especially when you’ve worked so hard. Completing a novel is amazing. Heck, even having the dream and getting started is amazing. Audacious even. Even extraordinary writers have to learn to write good stories. They practice and practice. They write good things and bad things and they learn.

Editors provide a second set of skilled eyes to tell you where you’ve been successful in your story and where you’ve got problems. That’s what I want to provide for you. It’s easy to overlook weaknesses in your own work because you’ve lived it for so long. You need fresh eyes. That’s where I come in.

You should know that I’m direct, I don’t equivocate, and I’m committed to helping you succeed. That means I’ll be completely honest with you and give you the tools and information you need to better your manuscript. The feedback and suggestions that I’ll give you may be difficult to hear, and if you’re only looking for me to tell you your book is wonderful, we won’t be a good fit. Below, I detail each of my services. If you’re interested, shoot me an email.


Manuscript or Plot Outline appraisal. I’ll provide a broad overall assessment of your manuscript, pinpointing strengths and weaknesses. I’ll call attention to specific problem areas and offer general suggestions for improvement. I’ll provide a written letter detailing my evaluation. This assessment will not include line editing or scene- or chapter-level revision advice. I give you my macro impressions of the overall story, structure, and characters. This will also include a 30-60 minute phone call or video session to go over questions you might have after you’ve received my evaluation.

Developmental/Content editing: I will do a much deeper dive into your manuscript. I’ll look at the overall structure, style, theme, and content. I’ll provide a more detailed and focused editorial letter.  I’ll note specific problems such as structural weaknesses, poor pacing, plot or thematic inconsistencies, stiff dialogue, under-developed characters, stylistic troubles, flabby writing, purple prose, character inconsistencies, etc–and makes detailed suggestions for addressing them. This will also include a 30-60 minute phone call or video session to go over questions you might have after you’ve received my evaluation.

Many manuscripts are not yet ready for this type of edit. If I don’t believe yours is ready for this level, I’ll let you know and recommend the assessment or possibly some coaching to help you get your manuscript ready for this level of review.

Editorial Coaching: This is a new service I’m offering where I help you through the initial stages of writing to develop your storyline and build your outline, focusing in particular on character, conflict, stakes, and the characters’ emotional journeys. If you’re struggling to figure out the pieces or get a handle on your characters and plot, this service is for you.

I am also available for editorial coaching at other stages of your novel-writing process to help you solve problems or get back on track, or help motivate you. Whatever you need.

Other Services

Back cover copy—also called a blurb—is critical for capturing reader interest. In consultation with you, I will write your blurb. This comes with two revision opportunities after the first draft. You’ll give your feedback and I’ll revise up to two times.

Query letters are difficult and frustrating. I will give you a general format for writing yours, then help you polish and hone it into a marketing tool that will present you in the best possible light to agents and editors.


Editorial Appraisal:
Manuscripts up to 80,000—$325
$10 for each 5,000 words after that.
Payment: $200 up front, balance on delivery

Developmental/Content Editing:
Before I take your manuscript on, you will submit the first 20 pages or first chapter and I will assess whether I think your manuscript is ready for this edit. If I accept, I will charge one cent per word.
Payment: 50% up front, balance on delivery.

Editorial Coaching:
$70 per hour, one hour minimum charge
Payment: must be paid in advance. I don’t refund partial hours, so if you pay for two hours, you get a full two hours.

Back cover copy:
Payment: must be paid in advance

Query Letter:
Payment: must be paid in advance

If you are interested in any of my services, please use the form below and tell me something about your project and what you’re looking for me to help you with. Be as detailed as you like.

Client Testimonials

This is my first novel and when it came to writing a blurb I was lost. She has a wonderful ability to ask the right questions to dig out the most important details of a book. When she sent me her first draft, it was perfect. I would highly recommend working with her. Elizabeth R. Jensen

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