question time again

This question by Chris:

It’s fascinating to read about the twists and turns. So after you had written the novel, after the approx 7 month period, how long until you managed to get it published?

So I finished PoF sometime in the spring of 2002. Early in spring, like around January or February. I sent it out to a couple of published friends and asked for feedback. Armed with that feedback, I spent months revising and polishing. Then I started working on the plot sysnopsis and cover letter for the proposal pakage. I spent a couple of months on those. I wanted to get them right and I got feedback from several people to get there. So around August I started sending out queries to editors and to agents. Roc asked for a full. A friend had recommended that I go to World Fantasy Con–a lot of editors, agents and other pros attend. So I decided to go and I contacted the Roc editor and asked if she’d be free to meet with me at some point in the con. She said yes. So at WFC we met for about 1/2 an hour in the bar and talked about the book and my idea for a seriesis and all that sort of thing. About three weeks later she made an offer. i then contacted my top agent choice and she read the mansuscript and agreed ot take me on. And that is the story.

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