One more day

So first, last night we went to a friend’s house and ate ribs cooked in a smoker. Delicious. And excellent company and the kids had huge fun. But my husband baked one of his specialties. He invented the recipe. It was dubbed Chocolate Peanut Butter Orgasm by a friend and so that is its name. Anyhow, the bottom is a peanut butter chocolate cookie thing with a layer of brownie on top with cinnamon chips. It’s soooooo good.

Today I went into physical therapy. She prodded my trigger points and made me hurt a lot. But it was amazing how the pain let up after awhile of the prodding. Then we did some traction. She loaned me a home traction machine thing which I will be trying out shortly. Unfortunately, the afternoon was full of pain. So I’m still eating lots of pain pills and still not getting a lot of writing done. Slid write into a coma this afternoon for awhile. Bleh. Hopefully the traction helps. I go back to PT on Thursday.

I’m also currently without wheels. The truck went into the shop for some repair work today and so I am walking. Which I was doing anyhow since, oh, there’s that whole don’t operate heavy machinery caveat on my drug bottles.

Also watched the made for TV “Impact.” Putting aside all the problems and badness of the movie, in the end the moon was split into two pieces. One was about 2/3 the original moon, the other was the other 1/3. Now here’s my question for any of you who know of science at all. What would happen if our moon was split into pieces? Would they move apart? Would one move closer to the earth or the sun? What would happen to tidal pulls? Other stuff? Anybody know?

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