The big weekend

This weekend is the big weekend in this town. There’s the fair, the carnival, the big rodeo and concert, a parade, the fire department pancake breakfast fundraiser, the big craftsfair in the park, the university’s football game, and of course the karaoke. We’ve participated in some of it and will in some more. But the karaoke. It’s outside at the fairgrounds and usually starts around 8 at night or so. It goes . . . late. There are a few good performances, but also a great many people who have been drinking. And others who are apparently deaf. Since we live right near the fairgrounds, we can hear it all very well.

I found a recipe I must make. Next week.

Writing-wise, I’ve been getting some work done, but not enough. It’s two weeks into the new semester and one and a half weeks left of the first block. I have stacks of papers to grade and a bunch of reading to do. Wow. I’ve been working so hard on the day to day that it’s hard to get perspective. And the block goes so damned fast. Wow.

Been walking the puppy by way of rehabbing him. Next week I’ll try running him a little bit and see how he does. He’s got a frankenstein scar going down his hip with staples in it. I need to uploads some pics. What’s funny is he’s also got a whole lot of attitude. So here he is with half his butt shaved, weighing only 28 pounds and with and threatening this big lab mix that lives behind us.

I want to take a family vacation. The kind that requires saving up for and cool stuff to do. I’ve always wanted to go to Belize. And I’d like to go to Costa Rica and Hawaii. The kids probably want to go to Disneyland. And I’d like to take them to the San Diego Zoo. No money for any of it, of course. But I still want to start figuring it out and planning for it and trying to make it happen.

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