contest reminder and updatery

So I’ve been working on grading and wrapping the block and prepping the next block. I also have an idea for a new book that I can’t write and am trying to get everything down because it will. be. awesome. Seriously. Dark and gritty and epic. And the magic is cooooooooool. Now to propose it and sell it and of course find time to write it. I told my agent about it a little and she said it gave her goose pimples.

This is your reminder about the contest. Your titles have made me giggle on a few occasions. You people amuse me. Thank you. So anyhow, go to the post and propose a title and you’ll be entered. You have til 9 a.m. Friday Mountain Time. And for you anonymous folks, do include some sort of name for me, would you?

I also have post up on sfnovelists about where novelists get our ideas.

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