ah, the brilliance doesn’t end

Yesterday, I masterfully cut through my laptop cord, thereby making my laptop entirely useless until I can get a new cord so I can charge the battery. You’re going to ask how I did it, aren’t you? Well, picture me on the couch with the recliner up. Picture me deciding to get up. I close laptop and put legs down. Odd resistance to the legs going down. So what’s the solution? Yes! You’re right! Shove with lots more force! Next think I know, slice, dice, chop suey. So the new cord is ordered and will hopefully be here in a few days. But it totally means no laptop time for me, which I don’t like. At all.

I had a cavity filled today. They used a LOT of numbing stuff. It’s been three hours and I am just beginning to be able to feel my lip.

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