what’s going on today

I’m getting love looks from the dogs. They are being all cute as they stare. Pet me. Walk me. Let me be on your lap. Come, go to bed and let us cuddle on the bed with you. Scratch our stomachs. Both are on the couch. Not that they are spoiled. Not at all. Not even a little.

I sent my copy edits back to my editor for Shadow City. I’m pretty pleased with it.

Now I need to make a list of projects and things to do. I’m finding I’ve got a mess of things all over the place and I am feeling scattered. So I need to get organized and start digging into work in an orderly fashion. I’m not good at orderly. I like it messy. But I have a week to get ready for Worldcon, which includes reading the entries for the writers workshop and making comments, plus I need to prep for school which starts in three weeks (I have to get the hang of Moodle as part of this), plus work on responding to a thesis stuff and some other stuff from students that have come in recently. Oh, and do mommy stuff. And some house stuff. And yanno, life stuff.

I also need to go back through the Horngate books and create a wiki of information. I had one, but it wasn’t compatible with my new mac system, so now I’m set up with a new wiki program, and need to populate it. Oh, and I bought a little Bamboo drawing tablet that I want to play with and I know nothing about how to use it. Have you ever noticed how little time there is to do all the cool and fun stuff you want to? To read and to see movies, to go to museums and see plays, to do everything there is to do.

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