I ate like a fiend last night and now I want to hybernate. It was my husband’s Xmas party for work and since it’s a small company, they took us to a very nice restaurant and the food was amazing. It was a four course meal with palate cleansing sorbet in between. The company was very good and we had a lot of fun. But now I feel like I need a nap and it’s not even lunchtime. It’s a lazy Sunday, apparently.

The Viggo dog continues to jump up. Now that he’s figured it out, he’s thinking it’s pretty awesome. So now he can further his campaign of getting spoiled. I apparently am an enabler in that. Or, more accurately, the source and main encourager and the one most likely (guaranteed) to spoil. I’m also a sucker.

My head is cloggy. The cold that everybody in this town seems to have has moved from my voice to my sinuses. I suppose this is getting better? Maybe?

I shall now go attempt to write. Possibly after taking some decongestant. Wonder what difference a decongestant would make to the words. Watching football, but I don’t care about the Chiefs or the Jets. The Oakland Packers game will be good.

What are you doing this Sunday?

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