Winter in CA

Yep, we’ve arrived in CA. Yay! It’s green. There are flowers. I walked the dogs in shirtsleeves and went through this place with a bunch of oaks. It was fabulous.

The trip was long and luckily not a ton of ice, but it was -11 in Idaho the other morning.

We’re having fun. Trying to relax. But the kids of course are bouncing off the walls. Go figure.

Shadow City comes out in just four days. Four days!!! I’m both excited and panicking.

Oh! And here are 10 things Max is getting for Christmas. It’s fun!

The puppies are wildly happy not to be in the truck. One of them chose to sleep in the bed with me and my son in the hotel the other night. He went down to the bottom under the covers, then back up and put his head on my pillow and snuggled up to my back, and then moved around the bed all night. But the boy . . . twitchy kid. Drove me nuts.

So how do you feel about mentioning my books to at least three people in the next day or so? Up for it? Tell the bookstores, tell your blogs and tweet it. I would so appreciate it. Seriously.

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