At Bitten By Books

I’m liveblogging over at Bitten By Books today. Come over and hang out, ask questions, win stuff, and find out what you shouldn’t do if you happen to end up in a fantasy world.

Also, I think my husband has shingles in a patch on his side, though without a lot of other symptoms. It’s very odd.

And I am having something like bursitis in my shoulder. About killed myself turning off the alarm clock this a.m.

And my students and I talked about some of the most strange and eccentric people this morning and I think I can now populate an Elmore Leonard novel. Like the local guy who saved all his toenail clippings for five years and is selling them on ebay, but is wondering if he should save for 5 more and sell them then. Or the old woman who got hearing aids and finally realized her birds are as loud an obnoxious as everyone has been telling her, and so she wants to get rid of them. She says she has a pellet gun.

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