swimming in Montana in the winter and other musings

Yes I did. I went to the Y today and went swimming. It’s not that cold out. Something like 35 or 40, so not insta-freeze. And they are keeping the water in the big pool warmer than usual. There’s a big pool for laps and swimming, and a smaller pool for therapy and kids. It’s about a foot and a half at it’s shallow end, and 4 feet at the deep and it’s very warm–for therapy. So I did some laps and treaded water and then hung out in the little pool with a friend and her kid and the girlie. It was fun. The only bad part is that somehow I tweaked my knee a bit ago and I figured swimming would be good for it. And it felt good too. But now . . . aches. Also my popping arm handled the swimming fine, but the girlie wanted to toss the ball and it didn’t respond well to me lunging up to get it. Turns out that was a painful mistake. Yowza.

When I got home I put chicken in the oven. I rubbed it with butter and put salt and lemon pepper on it and shoved lemons into its cavity and put it in to roast. I hope it tastes good. It seemed like it ought to be a good combo. And I also put these on to marinate Yeah, we are overloading on roasted chicken, but I’d found the buttermilk recipe and it looked so good, and then last night I found buy one get one free chickens at the store and couldn’t resist, so it’s a roast chicken weekend, plus leftovers, so . . . .

Dog is going for surgery on Tuesday. He’ll be operated on on Weds and I’ll pick him up on Thursday. I hope it goes well. I can’t keep him as immobile as they want so I plan to ask them to give me meds to keep him stoned for a little while. At least long enough for the healing to really begin. I’m not giving him pain meds now because even without, he runs and jumps (in the house) and tries to take the stairs. I can’t crate him all day and I can’t have him on my lap all day, much as he would like it.

Was watching a bit of the Dew tour at lunch (skateboarding). Two things struck me. First was when they called these guys (they were guys) athletes. It’s not that I don’t agree, but they are not your usual image when the word athlete pops up. These were the punk kids on the playground who skateboarded and probably got stoned. Not your varsity whatever. But they are athletes. What they can do with their bodies is amazing. The second thing that struck me with a guy by the name of Bucky Lasek. He was doing all this stuff and he’s 38 years old. I couldn’t do anything like it when I was 28. Or even 20. Holy crap. Amazing.

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