At last

The block is now over. I have grading, but I’m mostly done until the next class.

Yesterday we put the house on the market again. Tomorrow we have showing. Whoohoo! I hope something comes of it. I’m a little shocked. And also working on cleaning. Luckily I’ve been poking at that, so it’s not completely overwhelming. But still there seems to be doghair and dust just about everywhere. And my kids. Oh wow. Their concept of clean enough to be looked at and mine are distinctly different.

I have particular comfort food form when I was a kid. It’s a semi-custard/bread pudding. And no, that’s not an oxymoron. You make the custard and pour it into the casserole dish, then sprinkle on top some torn bread, raisins, and grated nutmeg and a little cinnamon. Then bake in a waterbath. As a kid, this was my absolute go-to comfort food when I sick. So I made it today. I haven’t made it in years. No idea why. It was so good.

Do you have a particular comfort food? Occasionally macaroni and cheese is another comfort food. But really, this custard is the one.

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