I’m not dead yet!

I know, I haven’t been here the past couple of days. I’ve been writing. Today I didn’t get nearly the words done that I wanted, but I got through a sticky scene. Very emotional. Especially important given some earlier stuff. I also figured out part of the ending. A big huge part. Sort of the key. There are some other elements to wrap up, and I really don’t know how well the whole story hangs together overall, but I think I like it so far. The scene is pretty awesome, though, that I just finished. Sadly, I can’t share because, well, spoilers. But you’ll like it. I hope. Apparently I’m so running out of words that I can sustain a long or complex sentence. It’s all short and choppy.

In the meantime, we may be able to see the northern lights tonight. Although it’s really overcast, so I’m not sure. I hope so. I’ve never seen them in person.

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