web inept

On Monday I start a new class teaching how to build a webzine. Because of issues on campus, I elected to buy a domain and have it hosted off campus. I did that. I am now waiting for that to come through, which could be a couple of days. But now I have some panic issues.

I’ve not played with my own website for some time. I had someone else build it and I can go in and modify, but I really don’t know about setting it up to work right from the get go. Like, say, installing wordpress on it. And then doing the rest of the work. I’ve got myself a WordPress for dummies book, but I could sure use more help. So here I am asking.

Does anyone out there have expertise you’re willing to share? I’m not looking for you to do it, just answer questions for me. I want to learn to do this again, which means actually doing it myself. Plus my students are going to have to do this and I want to help them. It’s going to be learn as you go as far as the tech side.

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