Curiosity and writing

First, the curiosity. From my site stats, i can tell that a fair number of people have downloaded my dissertation. I’d love to hear from some of them and find out what you’re using it for, or what brought you to it. In fact, someone actually searched the exact title of it and came to my website today. Very cool.

As for the writing stuff, I’m working on a new project of the traditional fantasy variety, but dark and edgy. I’m coming at it from several directions and today I manage to hammer out a fragment of map. The world building is so key at this point and I have a lot already figured out. But the map is pretty crucial and I have only seen bits of it in my mind’s eye. But even so, I haven’t been able to draw it out. Today I got a good start. Like I said, it’s just a fragment, but it’s a crucial piece. Hopefully more comes tomorrow.

I’m interviewing the main character. Here’s a little bit of the description after my narrator interviewer asks where she lives:

She moves her eyes before she turns her head. She eyes me, calculating. Not really fearful. Cautious and with more than a hint of anger. Her eyes are black and unreadable, but they feel dangerous, like she’s quietly considering how to eviscerate me without making too much of a mess.

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