adulthood rite

Today I used power tools. Yeah, I know, big deal. But usually when we do things to the house, the man is here to do most of the power tool stuff, but also to confidently make holes in walls and so on. But today it was all me and my mom. It was taking down old curtains and rods and hanging new ones. Yeah, not that tough, but I had to drill holes and put up the brackets and hang everything. And I did it right. It looks nice and I’m happy. Accomplished. I also did a bunch of other housework. The darned maid never wants to work. She just wants to sit on the couch and be lazy and write stuff on her computer. Bad maid.

I also took the doggies walking. They made friends with another dog and ran and ran and ran and generally had fun.

Tomorrow I’m planning on planting things. Curb appeal, doncha know.

Terribly interesting post, isn’t it? You know what’s truly awful? I can go out my back door, take twenty steps up the alley, and be at Dairy Queen.

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