The house is clean. Well, you know, as it gets. It’s pretty sparkly to be honest and I even got some flowers planted. We might get a freeze tonight, so hope they survive. We have two appointments scheduled for tomorrow. I’m really hoping they go well and we get a good offer. Hear that universe? Please?

I’m thinking that I would never want to work on a crab boat (comment brought to you courtesy of The Deadliest Catch). I’m too much a wimp. Plus I’m betting I’d be barfing much of the time. You know, when I wasn’t being washed overboard.

I have some lovely flowers from my children for Mother’s Day. My kids are so freaking sweet.

We’re getting closer to The Demon Lovers: Succubi release. This is the Facebook URL. Go ahead and friend it for updates and special offers and so forth. I really like my story in this one and I’m hoping you will too. I’m told it will release June 1, so not far now.

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