In Salem

Made the drive to Salem in about 13 hours and in one day. So happy to see the man and to be able to spend time together.

Sunday we went and looked at some houses. It’s amazing how awful some can be. Then we went puttering through some open houses. Those were nice, but the one I like the most was SPENDY. But gorgeous. Room for a lot of stuff. Except a tiny lawn in back and I wanted to garden and have dog room. But wow. Gorgeous. You should have seen the master bedroom bathroom and walk in closet. I’ve never been in such a big closet. Seemed almost as big as the bedroom. My son has decided it is the house. Course that’s because the rooms were nice and big and there was an enormous bonus/game room. I liked it a lot too. Would be great for games, hobbies, and so one.

What we’d really like is a fairly new house in West Salem with some property. An acre or so would be great. So if you know of anything like that . . .

In the meantime, I’m trying to wrap up the copy edits for Blood Winter. And hang out with the kids, walk dogs, have fun with friends. Next week we hit the coast for a week. The man can only come for a copule of days because of work, but I’ll get to see my family and play in the ocean with the kids and hike around. Should be a good time.

I’m also doing some reading and getting some writing done. I’m reading the Lady Julia Grey books by Deanna Raybourn. They are really good. Mysteries. They do an amazing job of capturing the Victorian world and the writing is good with excellent dialog. There are traces of romance, but mostly these are mysteries and I’m thoroughly loving them. You should try them. Seriously. The first one is called Silent in the Grave, and I know you can buy the first three in a bundle on a Kindle, and probably also in other formats.

The doggies are so far enjoying the trip. Took them to a park yesterday and let them off the leashes for a bit. They romped like little crazy beasts and had a blast. Since we’re staying in our trailer, it’s good to let them get out and romp as much as possible. Right now they are napping.

Also last night the kids wanted to watch a movie and so we watching Spaceballs. Which has more bad language than I remember. They thought it was hilarious.

Oh, did I mention the can of soda I dropped this morning? It got a pinhole spray leak and sprayed me right in the eyes. Sigh. I’m really good at that sort of thing.

And now, off to do actual work for awhile.

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