This has been a day

First, the good. I got shiny copies of Blood Winter today!!!!! I’m so excited! If there’s any reviewers out there who haven’t received copies, let me know and I’ll zip you out one! (I’ll do a giveaway soon, too).

I also have a post up on Magical Words today about shading in characters.

And a reminder. Next Wednesday from 6-7 EST, is my Shindig event. This is where I get to see you semi face-to-face and vice versa. I’m going to do a bit of reading and some chatting and I don’t yet have a lot of people signed up, so please come. RSVP here!

Now onto the day that was. Kids stayed home for a third day. So I did my teaching, came home and then went to the store for lots of sick food (of which we’d run out of). This included 7-Up, crackers, popsicles, and assorted other items. Then I came home and having been lucky enough earlier in the morning to get appointments for them at the doctor’s office, I took them there. My son fell asleep in the waiting room and in the exam room on the table. So the doc checked them both out and it’s looking possible that they may have mono. Or at least the boy. They don’t show all the symptoms, but then again, apparently they can’t test now, because even if they have it, it would not show positive. So we watch and give them some drugs for the wheezy lungs and the barfing and the headaches and the sleepiness (really, that part is letting them sleep).

We came out of the doc office and discovered that the car was dead. Walked home (luckily not far), where I got the truck, fetched the medicine, came home and gave the medicine, and then got a friend to jump the battery (thank goodness it was the battery and not the starter) and brought it home.

So an entertaining day. What did you do today?

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