Moving on

I can’t talk about or think about Sandy Hook today. It’s too much. It’s a self-defense mechanism, to be honest. I’ve been struggling a lot lately to keep my head above water, and so, today, I’m focusing on what I can do and on my kids and keeping home, family, heart, soul, and body together.

It snowed last night and so I’ve been out shoveling the front walk, the sidewalk, and the driveway. I’ve brought in wood, cleaned the woodstove out, lit a fire, and cleaned up after myself (ash went everywhere). I’ve also done some laundry and folded some. I have a huge list yet to do. Next Friday we drive out to see my husband for Christmas, so it’s all about trying to get ready and get caught up.

While folding, I watched a broadcast version (or rather, a tiny bit of it) of the Keira Knightley version of P & P. they cut all kinds of important stuff. A lot were small moments, and maybe, for people who aren’t acquainted so much with the period, it might not have been so meaningful. But it was terribly to me. Little manners moments. It bugged the crap out of me. They also cut off the ending, which, for purists, is a bad ending, but for me, where they cut it left a kind of, huh? Like it wasn’t quite finished.

The dogs were funny this morning. I’m not supposed to be letting them sleep on the bed, but frankly, I’ve been feeling pretty blue and dog companions make me happy. So they’ve been sleeping with me. This morning they hit a point where they decided they wanted to get up. Toward that end, Voodoo and Viggo both licked me wherever they could find bare skin, and then when I pulled the covers over my head, Voodoo curled up against my chest and Viggo slung himself over my hip and they both decided they could sleep for a little longer, but this time, using me as a bed. Thusly, if I moved at all, they’d be able to jump up and be ready to go. Now they are trying to convince me to nap.

I’m noticing my neighbor’s roof is dropping the snow like crazy. This means bad insulation. They must be leaking heat like crazy. OUr house doesn’t do this. Thank goodness. And the fire is lovely when it’s white and cold outside.

And now I suppose i should feed my children before I dig into the next part of the work. My list is loooooooong.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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