I’m going a little nuts here. I am trying to help my daughter study for a social studies test. I’ve been working with her all weekend in small bits because she doesn’t want to concentrate and doesn’t want to put pieces together in terms of making connections, no matter how many times we talk about them, she writes them down, or etc. (She’s 8). She’s a smart smart smart girl. But unwilling. And this is frustrating. Gah!!!! Deep breath. Okay. Will work on it more soon.

In other news, started a new semester and new block today. Teaching fiction and it’s a crazy small class. That makes it both cool (because of real one on one time) and daunting (because small small small classes are tough).

The Voodoo dog has a sprained elbow and is hurting. Took him to the vet on Friday and nothing broken, but he has trouble walking. But he keeps insisting on doing stupid dog things and making himself worse. Been giving him Tramadol and Rimadyl.

Was -5 when I walked to school this a.m. Brrr. Hoping it warms up soon.

Now back to studying with the girl I guess.

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