Book Club Poison Study

I finished reading Poison Study last night. Can’t wait to talk about it. Really looking forward to the discussion too. How are you all doing gearing up for Saturday’s discussion? I’m going to set it up to start in the afternoon. I have to take my daughter hunting for pants in the a.m. and it’s a fair bit of a drive and we will have a girl’s lunch date/shopping adventure, so it could take a bit. I’m not entirely sure how to begin discussion, except to maybe put up some beginning questions, ask people to start new questions in a separate comment, and then reply to the questions in each comment. This may work very badly. I think it would be best if I could figure out how to set up a forum, so I may see if I can do that for next time, specially if this goes well.

The puppies are in trouble. They decided to chew up some of the kids’ stuff while I was at work. So they are outside and being ignored, after I told them how bad they have been. I also cleaned up all the bits of chewed stuff. I don’t think they took me all that seriously, though. They wagged at me a bunch as they went outside.

I need a lunch date. i want to go to the pizza buffet but my regular lunch date conspirators are unavailable. I don’t want to go alone. Yes, pity me. I’m so pathetic. I’m also hungry.

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