ritual words

Last night I was going to bed and then suddenly had a burst of energy and creativity, and stayed up til 3 a.m. to finish the chapter on the WIP I was working on. It was a little bit difficult because this chapter had magic and ritual in it. I knew the magic and new the movements of the ritual, but not the words. I’m not good at ritual words. They need to have heft and weight, plus mystery and mysticism. I don’t want rhyme necessarily, but I do like rhythm and assonance and alliteration. I always feel that mine are too much like: Hey magic! Do your thing and heal! (If it’s a healing spell.)

This is one of the ritual speeches I arrived at:

Spirit twine mind and heart,
Sing the blood,
Stitch the bones,
Wake the breath inside this husk.
Spirit bind sweat and sinew,
Sing the marrow,
Stitch the flesh.
Muster life inside this shell,
Bloom once more among the living.

I think it works for what’s happening. I’m hoping it all ties together in the end. Right now I’m polishing, and trying to get it ready to send to my agent. Again, this is just the bit for submitting to publishers. It’s about 125 pages long.

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