The Winner

Wow, you all made that a really difficult contest. I had a tough time picking a winner, but I decided on Ken because I loved the story and it totally made me think about those summers nights when I was a kid. Those perfect summer moments. So shoot me your email Ken!

In other news, someone came to look at our house yesterday, which is largely why I wasn’t posting here yesterday. No idea how it went really. I’m trying really hard not to get my hopes up and forget they even looked. Need to preserve my sanity. Oh hush. Yes there is something there to preserve.

I heard from my agent on my sample pages. She likes them, but also had suggestions for revision. Now I knew there would be revision suggestions and they are good. But the little kid inside always wants a gold star and some confetti and a hearty “it’s perfect! It’s going to be the best thing EVER!” Sigh. Yeah. Reality never matches that particular fantasy for anyone, and if it does, chances are they’re from Nigeria and want me to give them my bank account numbers, passwords, social security number, and possibly plasma. Anyhow, that means digging in on revision and I’m looking forward to that.

Are your reading Moon Called? Because Discussion happens here on Saturday!!!!

I had this weird dream last night that involved a big skyscraper hotel with some sort of day spa and was also situated in the middle of an amusement park. I’m terrified of heights, so I don’t do roller coasters and gravity drops and so on. At one point in this dream, I’m at the day spa pool with my dogs and for some reason they let me bring them into the pool, so long as I stayed in this little shallow scalloped out pool of our own, which frankly was pretty cool. A bit later, I’ve got some reason to go up to my room without the dogs, so I go get on the elevator. Only the elevator doesn’t go up and down in a traditional way, it is a roller coaster car that goes through a bunch of curves, rolls, hills and so on in order to get to any floor. Except I didn’t know that until we’re going through the first wild turn and down into the first hill. Yeah. Maybe it was a nightmare.

And sticking with that scary theme, I want to leave you with this TERRIFYING idea of fun. A huge (read insane) rope swing. Watching makes me want to throw up. I’m sure some of you are thinking, Cool! Where can I sign up? Now which one of us is insane?

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