Time to vote on the next book club book!

Are your ready to pick? We don’t have many nominations, but they are great nominations, so let’s get to voting.

[contact-form][contact-field label=’which book will it be?’ type=’radio’ options=’Thieftaker/DB Jackson,A Turn of Light/Julie Czerneda,Dark Currents/Jacqueline Carey,Shifting Dreams/Elizabeth Hunter’/][/contact-form]

In other news, I finished the revision on my proposal chapters today and sent them off to my agent. Now to finish doing the tax stuff, finish the synopsis, and work on prepping my next class, and oh, start another project. Yep, not busy at all. I think I’ll read instead.
Let’s get this vote done by Saturday.

Also, there’s a puppy in need of help. Here’s his story. If you are feeling inclined to help, please do. There’s nothing worse than having someone you love and who depends on you be ill and you can’t help.

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