Random Thoughts

I don’t like Woody Allen films. I don’t usually get the humor, or they are boring, or something. I generally avoid them.

I was elbowed in the face by boy last night. So if/when the bruise develops and I don’t know where it came from, feel free to remind me.

Not being Catholic, I have little interest in the old or new Pope. However, I’m weirdly fascinated by what they might be using to make the black and white smokes, and whether those burnables go back many many years or if they use something modern. I like the concept of using the smoke to notify the waiting world. Might be using that in a book sometime.

The dogs insist on finding tree sap and sticking it to their fur. If I were to entirely cover them with sap, do you suppose it would stop them from shedding all over the place?

Spiders are dangerous and evil relative to their proximity and size.

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