One of those days

I had one of those days that really are productive, but at the end you wonder just what the hell you did and where did the day go?

So I’ll recap for myself:

vacuumed entire house (AND actually moved some furniture to get at the dust dragons beneath. Well, dog hair dragons)
did all the kids’ laundry
took in recyclables
brought in wood
built a fire
took a long walk (yay exercise!)
read boy’s book (he wants me too read the book he’s reading in class, but hasn’t brought it home in ages, so I was behind.)
Hounded children into doing their chores (more work than it sounds like)
Put away a bunch of stuff that was hanging around
emptied garbages
sorted out the too small clothes of girlie’s and took them to a friend’s
took kids to lunch

Yeah, now that I look at it it, I wasn’t all that productive. Sigh.

It’s frigid today. Well, that isn’t exactly true. We’ve got a shit of a windchill going on right now, so if you’re out in that, it’s cold, but if you’re behind a windbreak, it’s not bad. Still, walking in it was an exercise in sweating and freezing at the same time. But at least I got out.

Tomorrow is the first day of the block, and in about a week and a half is Norwescon. Looking forward to it, and not just for the con, but because I get to see the man. It’s been too long.

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