Pardon me while I have a moment of freakout

I just realized that my 23rd anniversary is in 4 days. There will be little celebrating done beyond packing of stuff. Then my birthday is two weeks from today, for which there will be little celebration but, you got it, packing. I don’t know why these things freak me out, but they do. Oh, and isn’t father’s day coming up? Oh crap. When is that?

Second freakout is that the inspector came today and I’m absolutely panicking about it. The roof is an issue and apparently it’s going to need work or replacing sooner than we were told. The front part of the house roof is in great shape. The back part, not so much. We sold the place as is, but I have a terror that they will come back and say they want the roof fixed. But hopefully I’m totally wrong.

In the meantime, I’m trying to eek out some words. I wish I knew where I wanted to go with this scene. All this between packing. I meant to do more of that than I did today.






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