Desk, berries, wild plums, oh my!

I got the desk. It’s lovely. Heavy and lovely. Here it is (the pic is kind of dark.).   desk1The side part of the desk adjusts as far as how far it extends. It has the keyboard tray, but I won’t use it. I want the monitor on the other desk. I like it higher. There are two hanging file drawers and I think four others, plus a pencil drawer and a pullout desk thing. It’s about 6 feet long and has a glass top. I think it will be perfect. The man I bought it from is retiring and was happy to send it to a good home.

This morning we got up and went blackberry picking. We made a pretty good haul. berriesYou can see there in the three silver bowls and the yellow bowl that they are full. We also stopped and bought a half flat of blueberries at a farmer’s market. But the real find today was the wild plum tree. It had thorns. I didn’t expect that. But we will also be making wild plum jelly. I figure if we don’t have enough, we’ll fill in with plums from our tree. I plan to make jelly with those too, but I’d like some that’s mostly or all wild plum. And now, I’d better go get to making some stuff. Blackberry first.plums

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