The end is missing

I did a ton of work on Tracer this week. I am less than 15K from the end. But I have no idea where it’s going. I wonder if my lizard brain will reveal something soon. I hope so. I want to finish this draft next week.

Tomorrow I get my shelves!!!! Finally! We go get them in Portland and bring them home and hopefully install at least one bank of them on Sunday and then I can start *gasp* unpacking my books!!!

I bought some cocoanut oil to use on my furniture. I have some that needs some serious refreshing. I tried it out today and wow. That stuff works. I rubbed it on kind of like a paste and then after awhile, I rubbed it off, then took a cloth and did a polish. It really did a heck of a job. Apparently you can eat the stuff too. I hate cocoanut. I wonder if I’ll actually be willing to try it.

okay, off to ponder the ending . . .

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