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I’ve been thinking about Christmas shopping. Mostly because I don’t have to do it right now. See in Montana, I’d have to really get in gear early and figure out ways (online and in person) to find things for the kids. I shopped a lot online. But now, I don’t have to do that. If I wanted, I could go shopping on Black Friday (note the big IF and no, I don’t want to, though a movie might be nice). I also realized yesterday that I don’t really mind gray skies and rain. It’s been rainy off and on the past few days–mostly drizzly–and gray. And warm. See that’s the key. I don’t have to bundle up in a parka or worry about slipping on ice. I the air isn’t cold knives in my lungs. I’m not numb by the time I walk two blocks. I raked leaves in my shirtsleeves yesterday. Shirtsleeves! Meanwhile a friend in MT cleared snow off her porch and shivered in the freezing temperatures. *chortle*

I understand I may get sick and tired of the gray, but right now, I’m reveling in the warmth and also the fact that there are roses blooming, along with other flowers, and that there’s still a lot of greenery. I even have a lavender blooming lightly again. This year, (again, if I wanted) I could have a Pointsettia plant. In MT, the leaves freeze between carrying them out to the car and then into the house. It’s really hard to keep them warm in between.  I don’t know if I want one, mind you. But I *could* have one.

Girlie is watching Wile E. Coyote before school. She is heartily amused.

Made white chicken chili a couple nights ago. Tasty stuff. Love it for this time of year especially. Tonight I think I might make lasagne. Boy has been sick. Some sort of stomach bug. Apparently it’s going around school and he’s very susceptible. I put him on probiotics and 7-Up and crackers. He’s not so bad I think I need to take him to a doctor, but on the other hand, he can’t go to school. Maybe I should take him to the doctor. I just don’t know. I think they’ll say take him home and give him liquids and rest him. I hate to pay for that. He is sleeping a lot.

Last night I had to try to get Norton Family protection to let my daughter use her school website. It kept saying it’s a social networking site and even though I put it on the allowed list, it refused to let it happen. Sometimes I hate computer programs. This is why I converted to Macs. Microsoft used to do this to me all the time. I hate the feeling of techno-helplessness I get when working with some of the computer programs. I haven’t had those issues with Macs. That isn’t to say I’m telling anyone to run out and buy one. I’m just saying that I don’t miss Microsoft.





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