the fingers be crossed

Boy has only barfed once in the past three days. I am hoping he’s really improving.

I’ve been eating and cooking and playing cards and having a great time this week. My folks will be leaving in a few days. Then I’ll have to get back to writing. That will be a good thing, but first I’ll want to figure out what the hell I want to write. I have plenty to do. Plus I can always hope I’ll hear on my two outstanding proposals. That would be a lovely New Year’s Gift.

I also want to get back to walking and moving. Just getting my body going. This last month has been stressful, especially with the boy, so I haven’t been doing much for myself. I’d like to do that.

The doggies have hated the change in schedule. They’ve been completely woe-ful. Full of woe. Wooooooeeeee. And sadness. Much sadness. My mom’s dogs are staying with us (we currently have a bit of a corgi horde. A school of corgi sharks.

I still want to get out and see a movie with the kids. If only the boy-of-size feels well enough. I hope I can get outside for awhile. I have some gardening things I want to do. Some leaves to get rakes up. That sort of thing.

Rewatching some Bones. I still have trouble believing that Zach ever worked with the Gormogon. Was never believable.

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