one of those days

You know those days where everything seems to be coming apart at the seams, but you grab a bit and it seems to hold and then something else starts to go so you grab that and then more and more and you only have the two hands and more little things start to go and you’ve pushed in with elbows and knees and under your chin . . . Yeah, one of those days. I cried in the meeting for my son’s school accommodations. No, no reason. I just lost it. Later in the evening, boy did that several times. Now I’m self-medicating with my emergency Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.

We hope to get results from the MRI tomorrow and maybe the giardia test. Boy gets to start a new drug tomorrow. I hope it helps. He’ll be getting tutoring from schools, very soon. He’s struggling hard with this. I’ve got the name of a possible counselor who sounds like a good fit. Hopefully that will work.

I have some more first page critiques on Magical Words tomorrow. First one, and the Second one.

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