Headthunk, headthunk, headthunk

Oh whatta week it’s been. Dad’s been moved to another hospital. Oh wait. Maybe I should bring you up to date. When my folks were at their last day of a timeshare, dad fell and dislocated his hip. Only he didn’t just dislocate it. It was designed to not dislocate since dad is so very good at that, and the upshot is that he broke it. Ten hours away from home. Today they transferred him to another hospital with better facilities to replace his hip (again) and he’ll be having surgery (again) and hopefully will be okay. Hopefully the surgery happens this week.

I am heading out the Rainforest Writers Retreat. I so need it. I need to be away and quiet. Stress is eating me alive I think. So is my not getting enough writing done.

Anyhow, I’ll be back on Sunday, hopefully calm and with many words written.

The giardia and MRI results were normal. Boy is still vomiting. I did get him outside a couple of times today and it was a lovely day. He’s flipping out a little that I”m going to be gone. I’m hoping that he benefits from me being away. I hope he doesn’t stew in it.

Dogs, however, are going to flip out. Hopefully they won’t make statements all over the house about it. I’m about all ready to go. Won’t leave until around noon. With luck, the drive will be soothing.

Connectivity and cell service is going to be minimal, so I may not be around again until Sunday or Monday.

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