See? I can learn a lesson if I want to

Last night while either trying to fall asleep, or after having woken up, I had couple of writing epiphanies about the next Tracer book. I turned on the light and wrote them down. This morning I’d forgotten one of them. I got around to looking at the note today, and thought Wow! that means everything! I had a plot issue I hadn’t figured out how to sort out, and there it was, all laid out. But here’s the crazy part: I actually turned on the light and wrote it down. I have learned. I really won’t remember it in the morning, no matter how vital and vivid it seems (and may be). I will forget. I must make the note while it’s in my head.

See? Old dog–new tricks.

The man was fired yesterday and hired today. His employer sold the company and the new one took over today. Apparently it’s a thing they do that they fire and rehire. We’re hoping it will mean good things down the line. This is ATI (Allegheny Technologies) and is a global company. That may mean better health insurance, retirement and so on and so forth. Maybe a better salary. They do better contributing to 401K, we know already. So that’s a plus.

We took the bikes out today to practice. The boy of size was on my old bike–a diamondback mountain bike, 18 speeds. It’s a men’s bike, and much taller than he’s used to, plus speeds, so he had to get used to the bar and everything else. He’d by far grown out of his old one. Girlie was practicing with hers. She’s not entirely comfortable riding on sidewalks and going in straight lines, or turning. (We went to the high school parking lot for the space and the ability to practice turning and so on). The man took his diamondback out, and I road my new townie style/beach comber style. What was weird about my new  bike is that the arms are higher, and the pedals are slightly forward of where they are on a mountain bike. What this means is that I can’t stand up to gain torque from my weight. The bike has seven speeds, but even so, going up slight hills was a struggle. We live in a very hilly area. Anyhow, I figured out quick I need to build up some muscle if I’m going to use it around here. All well and good. I need to build muscle and get exercise. But it made me glad I didn’t just willy-nilly go out hill-riding. They look less oppressive when driving or even walking them. I did like that there was a lot less pressure on my wrists, shoulders, and back. That was much better.

Anyhow, much fun was had. Boy didn’t get sick or too queasy, and got his mind off things. Earlier we took the doggies walking in the park (short walk sadly) but at least he was outside today. Tomorrow the man is taking them fishing again (while I work on behind book). I might get out and ride around the neighborhood a bit. Or at least try.

I still haven’t gotten around to planting a bunch of my seeds. I need to work on that this weekend. Also I need a haircut.

Doggies are looking at me accusingly like I should not have the computer on my lap. I apparently need fuzz beast therapy. They may be right. They also need to be brushed. A lot. Porcupines of fur.

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