Over the hump. Ish. Or not.

As I sit here debating walking to get Starbucks and wishing for a magic Starbucks fairy to deliver my nectar (never happens, oddly), I am considering the next few days. I try not to consider too much farther at this point, as I will have to sit in the corner and sob. At any rate, I’m done with the summer teaching, short of finishing one more paper, doing grades, and turnings said grades in, and meeting again with my thesis students. Instead, today Writing the Rockies begins and tonight I have a reading and tomorrow a panel presentation. Luckily the presentation tomorrow is a variation of one I did at the Rainforest Writers Village, so I will hopefully not make a total ass of myself.

In the meantime, I’m trying to commit words. The trouble is that I’m not sure of one element of the novel. Something popped in as a lovely and cool idea, and now I have to figure out how to make it work, because dammit, it’s perfect for the novel. I have to figure out some backstory, which won’t really appear in this novel overtly, but will make sense of actions and players on the ongoing development. But my brain is sluggish and wants to nap and have Starbucks and . . .

I go home Sunday, and then next week is piled with appointments. Boy of size is finally getting to go into the research hospital to see if they can figure out the problem. And I know I have stuff I need to do that I forgot to put on my calendar (duh!) and so I’m hoping I have notes on my desk at home to remind me. I think I need a secretary. Maybe a keeper.

I shall now post this, and then go make my Spocon hotel reservations, which I’ve totally been forgetting. Crap.


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