The time–it flies!

In this last week, I’ve been trying to get caught up on so many things, get the kids prepped for school, and write. I’ve successfully built a large section of my class, bought school supplies for the kids, written some words, done a bunch of laundry, and slept poorly, for whatever reason.

We went to the state fair today. It wasn’t as fun as I’d have liked it, largely because barf boy had another bad day. I had hoped he would have a good one and he’d enjoy himself. Unfortunately, things went from bad to worse and then I took him home. I went back, and it was really hot. The girlie and the man had been riding a few rides. I joined them to watch (I really don’t do heights and most carnival rides involve going too high for me). We then played a few games and eventually found my parents and we then proceeded to go to Red Robin and eat bottomless root beer floats, as that seemed entirely appropriate. I was sad that I didn’t get to go look at all the things people had made or the working dog demonstrations.

When we got home, we watched Pterodactyl vs Sharktopus. My son kept trying to figure out the logic and I kept asking why he would expect any kind of logic at all? He seemed to think there ought to be some despite the title. I told him his expectations are far too high.

I hurt my knuckle weeks and weeks ago, and it still hurts. I sort of bent it to the side. It feels like I jammed it, but I didn’t. Wish I knew how to fix it.

Trace of magic releases in just six days! There will be a print copy available. I hardly know what to do to get the word out. I’m a bit frazzled.


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