ne’er do wells and woebegones

Boy is now on a high powered antibiotic, plus tetracycline. He can have no dairy and no alcohol–not even hand sanitizer. The one cost nearly $500. I hope to hell it works. Plus we got more Medical Marijuana. Trying to figure out a mixture that works. The pain has been beyond awful. It’s so hard to see and not be able to help.

I cut my finger with a knife today and it refused to stop bleeding. Now it hurts.

People are extraordinarily kind. Strangers and friends have offered wonderful help and comfort. My heart is terribly bruised with all that’s happening with the boy and I can’t tell you how grateful I am for the kindnesses people have granted me.

I found that one of the raspberries we planted last year and that promptly died has chosen to resurrect. Planted peas and broccoli and early carrots yesterday. Need to get in some lettuce. First I need lettuce seeds. Also planted rose cuttings hope they take.

I kind of want to go around taking cuttings of plants to get started in my garden. I’m not sure people would be very happy with me. Some azaleas up the street are blooming. Lovely. Meanwhile we’re cutting ours out. They are up against the house and very sad. They need to come out. I need to amend the soil and then plant smaller things there.


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