Wandering away in a hurry

I’m about to depart for the Rainforest Writers Village for five days, where I hope to do much writing. I’m running away from family and responsibilities. Trying not be overwhelmingly tense about that. It’s not that the man won’t be here to take care of everything, but lately worry has been my best hobby.

Copy edits for Edge of Dreams landed last night, so I”m going to get on those as soon I get back and try to get them out the door in a matter of a few days. Of course, my daughter is having oral surgery next week to remove three baby teeth–two can come out normally, but the third is fused to the jaw, hence the oral surgery. That’s Weds. I also have to see about getting my son moved over into an online school. I found one that will hopefully be a decently robust learning experience. I believe in the classroom learning environment, but since he can’t do that, this school has both a do it on your own time sort of classroom, combined with a virtual together classroom with the teacher and other students. I’m hoping this will work for him. The pain and nausea have in no way decreased for him.

Planted a bunch of plants in the last two days. Have some more to put in when I get back. Bulbs, too. I need to find some rocks to create a succulent patch.

Been reading House Immortal by Devon Monk. Love it. The sequel came out yesterday. I already know I’ll be snatching it up.

Now to get going. I will have limited wifi on the trip, so may or may not post. I should be able to answer emails, however.



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