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I’m working on getting ready for RT Booklovers in Dallas. I have never been and I have little by way of swag to give away. Part of me feels a little bit like a failure before I go–that I’m not making the best use of the convention and it ain’t cheap to go. My major hope while there is that I’ll get to meet some readers and have fun with them, plus get to meet some writers. I just have to focus on having fun. I’ve been really nervous and antsy about it. I think it’s the flight. I’m hoping not to run into thunderstorms while flying. I get to room with the marvelous J. Kathleen Cheney, and I’ll get to meetup with Patty Briggs, whom I haven’t seen in awhile. And I’ll get to meet Jill Smith and some other people I know online and have never met in person.

I put some purple in my hair today. Not sure how well it took. May have to repeat. I also picked up some new business cards to hand out at RT.

Boy of size was sitting on his new fitball the other day, working on his PT. The damned thing popped. He dropped like a rock. Hurt his butt. I couldn’t stop laughing.

So it looks like he has something called PNES. Psychogenic non-epileptic seizures. That means the seizures are more a result of trauma/physical illness. So the long ongoing illness, the tests, the move, the year we lived apart from his dad, new school–all that has contributed. The treatment is similar to what he’s been doing for his stomach (and the stomach is all part and parcel, likely). I hope we can get this handled. In the meantime, he did his interview to get into the Early College High School Program. We’ll find out in a week or so if he gets in.

For whatever reason, I’m sort of emotionally down. Melancholy. Hopefully I pick up. I take the boy to the pain clinic tomorrow, and the next day we see the Cirque de Soleil. I’m really excited about it. Less exciting is that both trips to Portland coincide with a visit by President Obama. I’m hoping the traffic isn’t insane.



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