Conversation with the boy of size

About to go bike riding (driving to where we’re biking):

Me: kids, we’re about to go. Use the bathroom.

both kids: don’t have to go

Me: try anyhow. There might not be a bathroom.

Boy of Size: *rolls eyes* If I have to go, I’ll just pee on a tree.

Me: I hate boys.

On the ride, I ended up wiping out on my back. Had a great time otherwise. Came away slightly bloody. The bruises will be the real problem.

Have you been into the bra section of a store lately? The boobs are prefilled. In fact a lot of camis have that going on. Makes me feel like there are ghost girls hanging on the hangars. That when you get a bra, you get a ghost. Take her home. Who is she? What does she want? What if you get several bras? Will the ghosts get a long?

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