Holiday prep

Is everybody else behind on holiday prep? Because I would totally like to think I wasn’t the only one. We meant to get a tree today, as the weather isn’t going to be cooperative any other day, but because of kid needs, we didn’t. I did do a major errand and laundry and bed changing, but did not dig into the cleaning I had planned. Otherwise, I am quite ill-prepared for anything holiday related. At all. Plus there is a ton of rain coming through and I have no idea if or when we’ll get outside decorations up. Am considering trying to get some into the windows to compensate.

I need to find a knitting pattern for mitts that I like. I want them to make up quickly and I’d rather they were on circulars than double points, but either is good. The thing is, and I probably won’t explain this well, but I want a separate thumb. The previous mitts I made I did in such a way that I increased for the thumb and at a certain point I closed the thumb off and finished the palm area of the mitt. That leaves a hole behind and I don’t want to do that. I want to do the thing where I put the thumb on waste yarn and finish it after. I don’t suppose anybody has suggestions?

The San Bernardino shooting hit me hard. Especially after Umpqua. I don’t have much I want to say about it now. I’m so sad, so disappointed in the people of this world, of America, of haters. I’m so sad for everyone.

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