Bake fail

I made cinnamon rolls, which were tasty, except they didn’t cook all the way through. I’m not sure what happened. I don’t know if my oven wasn’t cooking properly, if the pan I used (which was an insulated jelly roll pan) was wrong, or something else. I did use convect, so maybe that’s the problem The tops cooked well, but it seems the bottoms and betweens didn’t get cooked all the way. I need to try again, but not sure how to fix it.

I also managed to clean my wood floors yesterday, but already I need to clean them again. Thanks to the rain, the dogs, the kids, and oh, everything else.

Watched Cake Boss this a.m. Now I want cake.

It continues to rain here and it looks like there’s a lot of snow dumping in the mountains. This is good. We’ve been in a drought with a lot of fires of late, plus the lakes and reservoirs have been awfully low and maybe things will fill up. It would be very nice. That said, I’d like a lull so we could go get the tree without getting soaked. I doubt that will happen. Good thing for soaker tubs to warm me back up again after the fact.

I really want to go out to the coast to see the waves, but the roads are a little dicey out there right now. Sinkholes and mudslides.

I have to take the girlie shopping for performance choir clothing and I am afraid we won’t find what we need, which amounts to a lot of black. She’s adult-sized, despite being only 11, so it’s hard to find age-appropriate clothes and though black seems like it ought to be easy to find, turns out there’s a lot of color that gets splashed around.

Had a lovely visit from friends last night. They had to leave far too soon.

I need to start wrapping things and get things sent to people. That’s  must-do for this week. And yet I still have so much other work to do . . . I’m going a little bit nuts. Or a lot.




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