It’s March and It’s Rainowing Here in the PNW

Yep, we have rain and snow and rain-snow and snow-rain. At least I got the dogs out to run today without a ton of falling wetness. Go me!

My taxes are nearly done. And by that I mean nearly organized enough to go to the accountant. This will be a load off my back. It’s currently 2:40 in the afternoon and I havne’t eaten lunch and I’m cold. Where’s a menopausal hot flash when I need one? Oh, right. It’s waiting until it can annoy the holy fuck out of me.

I have relaunched my Patreon!! I’m excited because I’m having a lot of fun and I’m hoping to really build it into a vibrant community where people will come and hang out with me. You should check it out. I’ve got several new tiers and some cool perks and freebies, including two tiers targeting writers who might want some one-on-one coaching or want to step up their game with some help from me. If I hit $300 a month, I’ll write a short story for my Patrons set in a world of their choosing. I’m almost halfway there!

I’ve just sent out my latest newsletter, so if you haven’t signed up to receive it, you might want to, and if you have an haven’t received it, check your spam folder. I’m also going to be doing a couple of online conferences, one at the end of March and one in April. I’ll post more info on those soon. They are free to attend so keep an eye out for my post on those.

I’ve got new covers for my next two Everyday Disasters books. I’ll be posting them here in the next day or so. Clearly I have a lot going on and so I will do my very best to keep you updated better. Meanwhile, cuddle up somewhere with a good book and enjoy the day!


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